About Us

1) The company

Usedtyre.co.uk website is managed by AG Company Srl, of the Del Regno Group, a company specialized in the tyres sale since 1963.
Thanks to the experience gained, the company has decided to specialize in the used tyre market by deploying the competence of its experienced tyre technicians, providing its customers with the same professionalism that has distinguished the group for over 60 years.

2) Quality, Safety and Reliability Test

All used tyres sold through the usedtyre.co.uk website are inspected one by one by an ad hoc team that guarantees absolute safety and reliability.
Before being put on sale, they are tested and selected through special equipment up to 4 atmospheres to check for internal damage and / or ovalization. They are also checked manually by our most experienced tyre technicians. Only tyres that pass all our tests are sold on usedtyre.co.uk!
In addition, thanks to a tool called thickness gauge, for each tyre, you can see the actual state of the tread with a real photo of each single product.
Usedtyre.co.uk tyres (differently from the competitors!) are stored in an underground warehouse to prevent thermal shocks that can ruin or harden the blend.

3) Our products

Each tyre on the usedtyre.co.uk website have a percentage tread index.
It's good to make a point about it: a new tyre comes out of the factory with a tread of 8 mm; a used tyre on our website and indicating e.g 70% indicates that it has a tread of between 5 and 6 mm.
You will never find it for sale on our tyre website with a tread below 50%, that is half the life of a new one.
The quality and safety of our customers comes first!
And we stand up for it…

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